Hickstead Arena Surrey

The Background

The Home of British showjumping, Hickstead Arena is steeped in history and was originally founded by the late Douglas Bunn. The Bunn Family were conscious of the need for an excellent world class surface and Richard Hayden led the design and project management of the project. He retains close contact with the Bunns and the surface is considered a Gold Star Surface.

The Solution

Richard Hayden (working for STRI) was called in to design a bespoke solution for the reconstruction of the arena. The project involved the removal of the topsoil, re grading of the arena base, taking care to marry in the existing features such as the famous Hickstead bank and fixed jumps. The project was started in August 2010 and the arena was seeded and green again by October 2010.

The Result

Hickstead Arena retains its Gold Level surface standard and rider confidence continues to encourage world class riders to the venue. The arena is now fully managed in house under Edward Bunn.